Denrob was formed in 1982 to provide management services to physicians and other small to medium sized businesses. We provide a complete complement of business services, including medical billing, payroll, general ledger and financial statements, accounts payable, tax preparation, consultations, and other various services. The scope of service provided to our clients varies widely, from a single consultation to what we refer to as full care management.

There are a number of billing services, accounting firms, insurance agencies, etc. that offer one or a few of the services needed to run a busy medical practice. Denrob is one of the few companies that offer a “full care” comprehensive package geared for the total needs of a physician’s practice or business.

Our philosophy is simple. We offer you the highest quality of services possible. It is our position to offer our services with emphasis on adding a personal touch. We delight in taking on new challenges, from starting new practices to the resurrection of struggling practices. We work closely with you to set and achieve your desired practice or business goals.