Medical Billing

Our billing system maximizes cash flow by insuring that third party payors are billed promptly and correctly, and that private pay patients receive timely and accurate statements with collection letters as necessary. The billing system provides a standard set of management reports. Once a data base is established, reports can be created to capture information needed to answer nearly any question you may have about your patients accounts or accounts receivable transactions. Electronic billing is available for Medicare and many other insurance carrier claims. As the health care system in America continues to change, we also change to provide the most current and up to date billing services to our clients.

Denrob provides billing in many formats to create a tailored package to suit the clients needs. Many clients utilize the batch processing which includes:

  • Weekly billing pick up
  • Input of physician charges and patient/insurance payments
  • Electronic and/or paper claims submission
  • Secondary submissions
  • Accounts receivable follow - up
  • Monthly patient statements
  • Patient phone inquiries
  • Collection letters
  • Weekly production reports

An increasing number of clients are utilizing a remote terminal to perform some or all of the input and inquiry functions.

An essential part of the medical billing package is the service provided by Denrob personnel. We work hard to keep the system working smoothly and provide valuable insight into billing strategies to maximize reimbursement. We strive to be at the forefront of new developments concerning insurance plans, HMO’s, Welfare department regulations, managed care, and collection procedures.

Our client managers monitor your accounts receivable on a regular basis, and work closely with your staff to solve problems before they become a crisis. We remain current with the latest collection procedures and changes in Federal and State mandates as they apply to the health care industry.

Our monthly fee for batch processing starts at
5% of cash receipts with a $500.00 minimum which ever is greater. Fees are adjusted according to practice type and volume